Salseras Y Mas con Izis, Launches with Nikki Alva

4 OCT will mark the first-ever Salseras Y Mas show. Salseras y Mas is a program I am launching to get to know the women who are diligently working on their music careers. Women who are independent artists like me are juggling being a mom, a wife, a student, an entrepreneur. What motivates them? How do they do it all? The other day I saw a Grammy award-winning Alicia Keys interview where the interviewer asks her about women in the industry. She stated she would like to see more women producers, arrangers, etc. Like Alicia, I would love to see more women in the Salsa scene and believe that united; we can truly make a difference. Our fans may be curious to know why and how we do it? Why did we choose Salsa and not another musical genre?
I also wanted to begin collaborations with my fellow Salseras, we are all in it together, but it seems collaborations are few and far between. If the veteran Salseras I admire are not giving a helping hand, then I will start. I hope to bring to my fans music by inspiring, motivating, and working hard to create amazing music. I want to be motivated and inspired by them, and I invite you all to sit back and listen to their stories. Salseras y Mas will launch with an amazing young lady who realized a need for more young people in Salsa. She is stealing everyone’s heart with her soulful voice. Her talent is beyond measure, and with the fantastic team she has behind her, I know she will reach her goals. It is my immense pleasure to bring to Salseras y Mas and open the show with Nikki Alva. We will be talking about her musical journey, what is a day in her shoes, hearing her take on the Salsa scene as a woman, and concluding the show with the first time duet with me Izis La Enfermera de la Salsa singing one of her early releases. I invite you to join in and watch this premier live via my YouTube channel and Facebook page. 4 OCT 2020 @ 6pm EST, 5pm CT and 3pm PCT.

Published by Izis la Enfermera De La Salsa

I am a nurse and recording Salsa artist. I am also a creative soul and have multiple platforms that encompass my music, artwork, and initiatives. Cocolawear is my artwork, Corro Con Salsa is my health initiative and Salseras Y Mas is a new program of interviews designed to bring attention to Women in Salsa.

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